Today, the beard is a popular attribute of the male image, so almost everyone wants to get it. But many people forget that “just stop shaving” will no longer work, you should also look after your beard.

If you decide to let go of the beard, the main thing is to endure the very first stage, when the beard is just beginning to grow. The sensations are not the most pleasant. As long as your hair is short and stiff, you will feel itching. Try to endure in Manhattan Barbershop.

I would recommend starting to grow a beard when you’re on vacation. Then not all friends and colleagues will witness the process of uneven growth of bristles. You will save more nerves – and the beard will grow faster. Let the unsightly appearance of a “young” beard not scare you.

2-3 times a week wash your beard. It is advisable to use light, non-alkaline products – so as not to dry the skin and bristles. Or use special shampoos for the beard. By the way, there is also a balm for the beard, which instantly softens the beard.

Regular combing sets the direction of growth, unravels the bristles. Combing your beard 2-3 times a day, you will ensure its neat appearance.

Using of a comb with wide barbs is preferred.

Oil or beard balm will moisturize, soften the stubble and make it more docile. It will give shine and a neat fresh look. Also, the oil perfectly moisturizes the skin, which is especially dry during the cold period.

To make beard look neat – it must be periodically colled. Cut off excess hairs, aligning the shape. To do this, you can purchase a trimmer or periodically visit your barber.

The moustache must be constantly trimmed so that it does not close your lip and does not collect all your food on itself. You can also use special waxes for moustaches that fix the shape.

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