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Here it is difficult to intimidate your opponents by sending your stock of chips, so more than psychology, it is the probabilities which prevail.

Hold’em pot limit: Hold’em poker Pot Limit is another variant in limited auctions, the amount of bets and raises cannot exceed the size of the pot, the pot being the amount in the middle of the table formed by wagers and raises from previous and current rounds. 

The other variants

The bandarq Even if there is a lot of talk about Texas Hold’em, there are many other variants that are just as interesting, although less known and less widespread:

Omaha poker: Omaha is a game very similar to Hold’em, which is sometimes called Omaha Hold’em. The only major difference is that here we don’t have 2 hole cards but 4.

To learn more, read our article on Omaha

Omaha High Low : The rules of Omaha Hi / Lo are the same as those of Omaha, but here there can be two winners in each deal, that of the high hand and that of the low hand. A low hand being a hand whose cards are less than 9.

Stud: Studs are very different from the other games presented above. These are types of poker without common cards and be aware that there are several variants: 7 card Stud ( seven-card Stud ) or 5 card ( five-card Stud ), Stud Eight or Better which is a Stud with seven cards played in High / low mode, and Razz which is a seven-card Stud in Low mode .

The explanations to understand everything about Studs and in particular of the seven cards are on the page dedicated to Stud.

The other more marginal variants: We will not go into detail for each of them, but here is the list of other types of existing game:

  • Closed versions: closed poker, closed Nullot , Deuce to Seven , Badugi.
  • The card versions: Double Hold’em , Aviation , Courchevel , Irish , Pineapple , Crazy Pineapple , Royal Hold’em. 

Otherwise, be aware that it is possible to play poker in different ways and in different places. Here are some examples:

Major tournaments

Any tournaments are organized regularly all over the world, with sometimes the possibility of qualifying on the internet. The best known of these are the WSOP (World Series of Poker), the WPT (World Poker Tour), the EPT (European Poker Tour) and the FPT (France Poker Tour).


We will come back to these tournaments in more detail soon in a dedicated section presenting each major tournament. In the meantime, do not hesitate to consult the Poker page on Wikipedia which can provide you with additional information.