Benefits of Having Annual Physical Examinations

Skipping your annual physical examinations one time may not seem like a big deal, but putting it off year after year can affect your health in the long term. Your regular primary care physician can do annual physical examinations, which are beneficial for tracking, identifying, and treating health concerns in their initial stages. This way, you can protect your body from serious complications. 

One of the best things about annual exams is that they are quick and painless. People with a phobia of going to the doctor can book an appointment to check their health. Learning about the benefits of lansdowne annual physicals may help you understand why they are so important for your health. Schedule an appointment today. 

Benefits of having annual physical examinations 

  • Early detection of illnesses. 

There are several illnesses that do not present their symptoms during the initial stages, such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases, and high blood pressure. An annual physical examination allows your doctor to examine your entire body for diseases or illnesses when it is still treatable. An annual physical examination can help you detect concerns early. 

  • Stay proactive. 

Next, annual physical examinations are not simply about detecting diseases early. They are also about choosing the right preventative methods to prevent the problem from escalating and getting treated before it is too late. The doctor will talk to you about your medical and family health history to understand the risks and help you make changes down the road. 

  • Time to update vaccinations. 

Everyone knows that babies and small children require vaccines. However, not many know about the vaccinations that adults require as well. Annual physical examinations are the best time to get updated vaccinations, such as COVID-19 and flu vaccines. 

For example, the pneumonia vaccine is helpful for adults who smoke, suffer from asthma, and are above 65. The shingles vaccine is recommended for 50-year-olds and above. 

  • Keep an updated medical history. 

Annual physical checkups are a great way to update your medical and health history. If the last time you checked your blood sugar level was five years ago, it is time to know the recent update to avoid problems in the long term. These doctors can help you stay updated about your health and promptly get the help you deserve. 

  • Discuss your medications. 

If you are currently taking medication for an illness or health condition, you may want to discuss them with your doctor during an annual physical examination. Your body changes through the years, and so should your medication. Doctors can make sure you take the right medication in the right dosages.