Benefits of Hydrafacial Treatment

The 5 Simple Steps of a HydraFacial - Vein & Laser InstituteHydrafacial is a non-invasive skin treatment procedure that deep-cleans, exfoliates, and hydrates your skin. The process involves multi-step techniques where your dermatologist deeply cleans your pores, removes old cells, and hydrates your skin. Your Westport Medispa specialist infuses your skin with specifically formulated serums that match your complexion.

Although hydrafacial procedure suits most skin types, you can visit your dermatologist to customize your treatment to achieve your desired look. The hydrafacial process uses a vacuum-powered gadget that gets rid of dirt and oils clogged in your pores, leaving your skin glowing. There are many benefits of hydrafacial treatments, which include:

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Hydrafacial treatment resurfaces your skin and extracts dead cells and impurities like a chemical peel. Removing dead skin promotes the growth of newer and healthier skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrafacial procedure uses water only, allowing the treatment to remove wrinkles without causing skin irritation or harsh peeling.

Treats acne and reduces breakouts

If you have oily skin, you are more likely to suffer from acne breakouts, and you have a high chance of having clogged pores. Hydrafacial treatment exfoliates and extracts dirt and oil from your skin surface, reducing a greasy and oily appearance. Harsh chemical treatments can cause more damage to your acne, but hydrafacial achieves the same results without harshly peeling your skin.

It suits most skin types

If you have sensitive skin, you may be hesitant regarding skin treatment procedures. Hydrating facial treatments are gentle on your skin and suitable for most skin types. The hydrafacial process does not damage most skin types and rarely aggravates skin disorders. Your dermatologist can help determine if this treatment suits your skin.

Gives consistent results

Most skin treatments rely on the skills of your specialist. A hydrating facial treatment uses a handheld wand that performs the treatment independently, requiring no manual skills. It uses innovative technology that provides outstanding and reliable results. The experience is consistent, painless, and effective because the machine carries out the treatment.

Immediate results with no downtime

You will see results immediately after hydrafacial treatment with no or minimal side effects. You can immediately resume your daily duties after treatment or even apply makeup. Most people see noticeable results immediately, lasting for about one week. To keep your results and maintain your hydrated skin, you can get hydrafacial treatment frequently.

Compatible with other skin treatments

Hydrafacial treatment is non-invasive, so you can receive it alongside other skincare procedures. To achieve your desired aesthetic goal, you can ask your dermatologist to include other treatments like non-ablative laser treatments. Instead of scheduling other therapies on a different day, you can have additional treatments immediately after the hydrafacial process.

Customizable treatment

Your specialist can customize hydrafacial treatment to suit your specific needs and aesthetic goals. Your dermatologist can include skin boosters like Growth Factor Boost in your treatment to brighten your skin. The specialist can also adjust the vacuum’s suction power so that it is gentler in delicate skin parts such as your area eyes.

Hydrafacial treatment gently cleans and peels your skin, giving you healthier and glowing skin. Schedule your appointment at Westport Medispa for hydrafacial treatment to achieve your desired facial appearance through a non-irritating procedure.