How to Tell If You Succeeded in Creating a Halal Party Platter

Religion is an essential part of our culture. It determines much of our belief systems, laws, languages and even food. Around the world, people have sacred ways of preparing and creating their foods. Religious rituals can help people determine which foods are safe to eat according to their culture. For example, most Hindus are vegetarian, so most refrain from eating meat.

If you want to create an inclusive dinner like a halal party platter in Singapore, then you need to research the term’s meaning and follow simple guidelines.

Why is it crucial to follow halal guidelines?

Imagine someone on a diet. People on diets may avoid certain foods for any purpose. They may avoid gluten for allergy reasons, carbs for weight loss reasons, or sugar for medical reasons. Many people avoid eating specific foods because of religion or personal beliefs. That is where the word halal comes from.

‘Halal’ is an Islam word that means ‘permissible,’ meaning foods they are allowed to eat. Many people also have dietary restrictions, including Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and other religious groups. Many regularly eaten animals like cows or pigs are avoided, while many exotic species are off-limits in many religions. Islam has many rules regarding the consumption (and nonconsumption) of foods, like fasting and eating meats prepared in a specific way.

As a Muslim, if you eat haram, ‘forbidden’, or ‘prohibited’ food, then you have sinned against your religion. As an inclusive host, do not feel offended if a Muslim asks you if your food is halal and politely declines your invitation if your food is not. It is your duty as the host to order a platter delivery in Singapore that everyone can enjoy.

What are some halal foods?

All halal foods are permissible to eat if they follow the teachings of Islam. All foods and beverages except for those not explicitly forbidden in their holy text (the Quran) are considered halal. You can read the Quran text further to gain a bit more knowledge, but the list of haram foods is shorter than halal foods.

If you will host a party with Muslim guests, you must provide alternatives for them when you serve haram foods. Buying party snacks without thinking of your guests  Here are a few examples of foods that practising Muslims cannot eat: pork, crustaceans, blood, carrion, and other haram animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin. They are also not allowed to drink all types of alcohol, even foods or beverages with alcohol as a minor ingredient.

That is not all. Even if Muslims consider an animal permissible to eat, they have to follow some guidelines when eating halal foods. Halal food requires that Allah’s name is invoked at the time of slaughter. A Muslim must kill them while offering a prayer.

As you may know, the process of creating or obtaining halal food may look complicated. But in the era of grocery shopping and visiting the deli shops, you won’t have much trouble. You may ask the shopkeeper if foods are halal. Do not be afraid to ask– it is probably a question they encounter often. On the other hand, halal foods may also benefit you because halal foods are created with a more discerning eye for quality and hygiene.

How do you tell if a product is halal?


Whether you are making a potluck or putting together a halal care package in Singapore, you must take extra precautions not to accidentally buy haram foods as this can cause rifts between you and your receiver. You do not want your receiver sinning in their religion.

Being inclusive for a party is not difficult. Thankfully, you can find easy ways to tell if foods are halal. Sometimes you do not need to waste time or resources. Here are a few reasons to tell if products are halal.

1) Check for halal certification.

The most obvious clue to whether your chosen groceries or products are halal is by checking the packaging. Nowadays, everything from potato chips to noodles and sauces may have halal certification so Muslim foodies do not need to worry too much about eating haram foods.

Be careful about checking your food for halal certification. In reality, halal certification stamps on products look different in each country (and sometimes, region). Sometimes, food companies will use different labels to identify foods as halal. Just look for the word ‘halal’ and you’re all set.

2) Download scanning apps for halal foods.

Sometimes, people do not have the time to check all over a product for halal certification. If you are creating a halal party platter, the last thing you want is your precious time getting wasted putting together the perfect dishes containing the right ingredients. You can download an app with a scan feature to save you the time wasted from looking through halal certifications for every ingredient in your platter.

Scan each item carefully before putting them in your cart. You might be surprised which products are haram and which are not. After buying them, you can double-check for security.

3) Asking a Muslim friend for ingredient advice

You might need ingredient advice from a Muslim if you plan on getting food for Muslims. The best advice always comes from the source. If you love to cook, the best choice is to find a Muslim friend to help you create the closest approximation of your meal that is still halal.

They might also be able to teach you great recipes to help your guest feel at home. Ask them for local ingredients if your Muslim friends are foreign. You might enjoy the act of creating and preparing new dishes you haven’t tried before!


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