Can Obesity Hinder The Treatment Of Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joints, causing wear capable of causing bone changes, difficulty moving, and other complications. Proper treatment is essential to stop the progress of the disease, but some obstacles, such as being overweight, can hinder it. Understand how obesity influences osteoarthritis treatment.

Obesity Makes Osteoarthritis Treatment Difficult.

Obesity is a factor that can both cause the disease and contribute to the worsening of the condition, especially in cases where the knee is the most affected region. “Obesity can hinder the treatment of osteoarthritis like osteoarthritis of the hip (ปวด ข้อ สะโพก which is the term in Thai) because it leads to an overload of the joints.”

The cartilages in the joints of the lower limbs are protective structures that prevent bone from rubbing against each other and work to support the body. Being overweight accelerates the wear and tear of this cartilage, which increases the friction between the bones and worsens the pain and lack of flexibility. Thus, stricter measures will be needed to control the disease.

Weight Loss Helps Protect Your Joints

Low-impact physical exercises that promote joint stability and reduce body weight, such as water aerobics and Pilates, are indicated as part of the treatment of osteoarthritis. “It is possible to protect the joints from the effects of the disease through diet, aiming at weight loss, practicing physical exercises for strengthening and stretching, and maintaining care with posture,” recommends the doctor.

According to the doctors, in cases of knee osteoarthritis, strengthening the anterior thigh muscles is essential. In addition, physical activities reduce the need for medication and combat a sedentary lifestyle, another risk factor for the disease. The exercises must be done under the guidance of a specialist because osteoarthritis is also caused by trauma to the joints.