What Exactly Is An Ankle Sprain? What Happens To Joints, Nerves, Tendons, And Bones?

What Exactly Is An Ankle Sprain? What Happens To Joints, Nerves, Tendons, And Bones?

Ankle sprains are the most common traumatic orthopedic injuries. The joints are protected by ligaments that prevent movement beyond the physiological, which when it happens, produces a sprain, which can be mild when there is a breakdown of the proteins that make up the fibers of the ligaments; moderate, when there is partial tearing of these fibers, and severe, when there is total tearing of the ligaments.

In severe sprains, there may be chondral, osteochondral, and tendon injuries. Although the latter and nerves are rare, they occur more often in dislocations (complete loss of joint socket).

 What Should The Person Do At The Time They Cheered?

The first attitude is to look for a specialized service to assess the severity of the injury. Until the service, the person should avoid supporting the foot and, if possible, putting ice in the area.

 What Can Indicate That In Addition To The Torsion, There Was Also A Fracture?

One of the signs is severe pain, inability to support the foot, and rapid and large swelling/bruise.

Are There Any Exercises That Can Strengthen The Ankles And Thus Prevent Sprain?

It is tough to avoid a sprained ankle symptoms (อาการ ข้อ เท้า พลิก which is the term in Thai), as it occurs so often among athletes.

Is It True That If I Sprain My Ankle Once, I Will Sprain It Every Time?

There is some truth to this question. With a particular frequency, sprains, especially severe ones, can produce the repetition of the sprains as one of the sequelae.

Many People Seem More Susceptible To Sprain (By Turning The Ankle Several Times). Why Does It Happen?

This can occur for several reasons: the capsuloligamentous laxity that some people have and, in general, of genetic origin. Another indication is poor physical preparation with impaired balance or the use of inappropriate shoes.

How Long Does Recovery Take On Average? Once The Immobilization Is Removed, Can She Walk Again?

On average, recovery takes four weeks, although this varies depending on the severity of the sprain. Not all people will immediately support the foot, but when the treatment has been well carried out, support is generally very early.

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