Here are the Reasons You Might Need Gum Surgery

Sometimes gum issues are common despite good oral health care. Some issues might require specialized care and modern procedures to prevent more severe complications, and expert dentists like Dr. Eliaz Kaufman can help. Gum surgery is primarily considered to restore the health of your gums before the gum complication gets worse and leads to complications in your teeth or jawbone. You might need gum surgery to manage gum issues, remove excess gum to expose more teeth, or for cosmetic purposes like reshaping your gum. Here are some surgical procedures you might need.


Your dentist can recommend a gingivectomy to remove the gum tissue surgically. Originally, the treatment was mainly meant for treating periodontal disease but is more frequently used as a cosmetic procedure today. You can consider a gingivectomy when you have developed pockets or gaps between your teeth and gums. The pockets hold food particles that attract and promote bacterial growth, further damaging your gums and teeth. You might also want to consider the treatment to remove the excess gum on your teeth that make it difficult to thoroughly clean between your teeth or interfere with your speech.


This is a surgical intervention your dentist can recommend to surgically reshape the gum tissue around your teeth. It helps make your gums look more natural, correcting asymmetrical gums, badly formed gums, and any trauma deformities in your gums. This can help build your confidence and self-esteem, improving the quality of your life.

Gingival Flap Surgery

Your dentist can recommend gingival flap surgery when enduring periodontal disease. The surgical intervention enables your dentist to temporarily fold your gum tissue to access the bone or the tooth root. It separates the teeth from the gum. However, your dentist might want to try scaling or root planing before going for a gingival flap. But if the infection is not well managed through these procedures, they will go to gingival flap surgery.

Gum Contouring

This is mainly a cosmetic procedure that your dentist might recommend to improve the appearance of your teeth. It is mainly considered when you have a gummy smile where your gums cover too much of your teeth. This can make you not want to smile, often lowering your confidence and self-esteem. But your dentist can perform gum contouring to expose more teeth and rejuvenate your smile. This will have a positive impact on your confidence.

Soft Tissue Graft

Your dentist can recommend soft tissue when you have receding gums. The condition exposes your tooth root, and additional receding could lead to bone loss. But a gum graft will cover the exposed roots or increase gum tissue where there is an excessive absence of gum. Your dentist removes gum tissues from the alate or other donor sources and uses the tissue to cover the exposed tooth root. This can help even the gum line and reduce sensitivity.

Indeed, gum surgery can be recommended for several reasons. But the main reason is for cosmetic reasons and to treat gum disease. Note that the earlier a gum complication is realized, the easier the treatment can be. Therefore, you better maintain a healthy oral routine regime, including regular visits to your doctor to safeguard the health of your gums. Get in touch with the gum surgery specialists at East Village Dental Center for more information.

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