How to Achieve Your Brow Goals with Microblading

These days, eyebrows are everything. They frame the face, add drama to the eye, and help show expression. No look is complete without perfectly tweezed and filled-in brows and that’s why microblading has become so popular. Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup makes it easy to achieve impeccable arches with no stress!. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading, a form of micropigmentation, is a semi-permanent fix for all your brow troubles. The beauty procedure fills in sparse hairs, making the brows look fuller. It also shapes the eyebrow naturally, even if you have teeny-tiny arches. The whole process makes the brows fuller and neater. The results last 2-3 years. 

The Process

The full experience takes about an hour to complete. First, your certified practitioner at Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup will talk to you about your hopes for your brows. Do you want them to look fuller? More groomed? Your considerations will guide the entire process. 

Your practitioner will then apply a numbing cream to the entire brow area to ensure a painless procedure. She will begin to remove the excess hairs outside of the guidelines that she drew. This will make the brows look clean and polished when everything is finished. 

Next, your specialist will draw an outline. The pigment for your brows will be placed within these boundaries. Your practitioner will ask you to lay down. Using a tool that has several small needles at the end, she will begin making delicate cuts within the guidelines she drew. These fine lines will look like perfectly placed brow hairs when the process is complete.

The brow pigment for microblading is a custom mix that will complement your skin tone and hair color. The pigment is applied to the brow area and then it is wiped away. This step completes the entire microblading process! 

Caring for Your Brows

Since microblading creates tiny cuts in the skin, don’t be surprised if you experience some scabbing in the weeks following your appointment! It’s completely Normal. What you need is a proper care routine to ensure your comfort. 

When your brows scab, it is crucial that you do not pick at them! This could cause scarring and will add length to the healing process. Here are some steps you should take while your brows are healing.

  1. Do not wear makeup on your brows. This could further irritate the skin!
  2. Do not get the are wet. Avoid sweating, swimming, and going into saunas.
  3. Use the recommended cream as suggested by your technician.

It is important to remember that the brows will fade over time— even though they darken a bit at first. For maximum results, go in for a touch-up at least every year.


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