LED Grow Lights and Greenhouses

One of the best ways to grow crops in a greenhouse is to use the best, most efficient lighting. The most effective lighting includes the right color spectrum for optimizing a growth cycle, is low-temperature and energy-efficient. LED grow lights are designed to optimize photosynthesis and improve upon the physiological functions of plants.

LED Lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting not only helps optimize growth, but it also saves growers’ money on their energy bills. LED lighting is an energy efficient greenhouse option because it produces high-quality white light. LED lights come in a variety of compact design options which can fit into any greenhouse fixture. Growers also have the ability to dim LEDs or use sensors, which sets these types of lights apart from traditional lighting. LEDs are both affordable and accommodating for greenhouse growing operations.  

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Cost Effective

The Department of Energy has shown that LED lights are extremely energy efficient. These lights have been Energy Star rated and use 75% less energy than traditional lighting, and last 25 times longer.

By using LED grow lights, growers will have more space in their greenhouses. This is because LED lights are thinner and cooler, and can be hung closer to the ceiling. And because LED lights are smaller, they can fit in tighter spaces than traditional bulbs can. Additionally, LEDs can emit light in specific directions, making them much more efficient than traditional bulbs.

LED Temperature

LEDs don’t produce infrared radiation as traditional bulbs do. These conventional light bulbs waste most of their energy as heat. Because they don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs, LED fixtures can be set up in places conventional lights could burn plants.

Perfect for Growth

LED grow lights are ideal for plant growth. These lights help allow for photosynthesis because they utilize different color spectral lighting. This full spectrum of LED provides the perfect lighting for plant lift. It actually mimics the changes in daylight throughout a plant’s life cycle. This triggers all of a plant’s life processes, ensuring greenhouse plants grow correctly and efficiently. This helps growers make money while saving money.

With LED lighting, growers can choose innovative fixtures and bulbs to match any style. They can choose bulbs that fit tricky locations and maximize all the space in their greenhouses. Contact us today to find the perfect lights for your greenhouse.