How to become a lawyer?


Becoming a lawyer is a process. You do not just wake up one day and become a lawyer. You must go through steps and procedures that can make you be a good lawyer. There are steps that one must follow to become a lawyer. Apart from that, you must gain experience as well as practice before you can exercise law. Therefore, if you want to become a lawyer, below are some of the steps that you must follow 

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Pass your high school exams

You cannot be allowed in law school if you do not have at least three A levels. They should also be of very high grades. The law course is competitive that is working hard to get the A grade will help you a lot in finding a place in the best universities. There are subjects that you must pass for you to be accepted in law school. The first subject that you must excel in is history. Other subjects include mathematics and even geography. It all depends on the state qualifications for a law student.

Take an undergraduate degree

After you have qualified for the course, you should start your undergraduate degree in law. The undergraduate degree takes four years in some countries and three years in other countries. There are two choices when it comes to the undergraduate degree. You can choose BA/BSC or choose LLB.

Bar training

After you have qualified for your undergraduate degree, you must take a legal practice training course. In some countries, it is called a bar training. This is always a one-year professional course. This course is very necessary for all law students because it prepares them for their professional law career. You will need to complete the course in an accredited provider before you qualify to practice law. The requirements to learn in a law school depends on the school requirement. Make sure you have all it takes before you apply for your bar courses. 

The specialization training

After you have managed to finish your bar training, you will need to go through specialized training. This is the final stage in the training of law because it is through this stage that you will be able to gain practical experience in abogados de compensacion laboral. Normally you will be assigned to a law firm for your practical experience. It is always on a contract term. When you are applying for your specialized training, make sure that you apply in the type of firm that will up your game. The area of law that you would wish to specialize in should also be your guide when it comes to finding the right firm for your practice. This is the time that you will need to complete your professional skills course too.


As you can see, being a lawyer is not an easy task. You have to pass through so many steps for you to be able to handle abogados de compensacionlaboral. Go through the all process to become a legitimate lawyer.


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