Maruti Ciaz 2019 – Manual vs Automatic

Maruti Ciaz has been marketing the Ciaz by its automatic version for over a few time now and it is clear there’s an upswing within the demand for the automatics sedan cars that isn’t any surprise. so we tend to simply drive the new Ciaz as its automatic version. The Maruti Suzuki ciaz on road price starts from Rs 8.9 lakhs.


It has a 1.5l gas engine which makes us come to a decision if its price point is a lot over its manual version. First and foremost, you can’t get a diesel using automatic so it is the petrol version. This is a new gas engine fitted with 1.5l tank which is much larger and far suited to 4m sedan. With 138Nm and 104 bhp, it feels way more power and runs powerfully. It doesn’t run out of petrol quickly nor does it feel languorous at low acceleration.

within the manual version, it has snappy 5-speed engine, which feels like more. At low acceleration, you need fewer gearshifts in contrast to the previous and its responses at lower revs which is crucial for bumper traffic. The manual case and also the clutch itself is kind of lightweight. the automated case although is carried forward with some feature upgrades.

The case in question may be a 4-speed converter and compared to previous Ciaz, feels way more in sync with the latest 1.5l engine. At low acceleration, it’s implausibly swish and responds with slightest of throttle which means that locomotion at slow traffic maybe a piece of cake. The Maruti ciaz on road price starts from Rs 8.9 lakhs.

Fuel potency

Of course, the fuel potency is a very integral part of the attractiveness of any Maruti here also the Ciaz is both manual and automatic don’t thwart. The new gas engine has good Hybrid techniques with a twin battery system which has a start/stop operation, brake regeneration along with torque-assist operation. That leads to far better fuel potency and you will not invariably work the engine which implies high efficiency. The manual, however, is a lot more economical in fact that the automated isn’t so much behind- each can offer you stellar figures. The ciaz vdi on-road price is about Rs 8.19 lakhs.


In terms of handling and ride the new Ciaz is rich in poise and also the needed polish of a high-end midsize sedan. It performs well, is silent and rides virtually with solely a small firm edge. The very good ground clearance which is of 170mm is good for a sedan and helps it on our roads too. The steering has lacks feedback although. As for the opposite changes, a new grille is preferred and also the new chrome makes it a lot more premium whereas the inside appearance feels more comfortable. New options make it an honest deal were the rear seat comfort remains among the simplest of pleasures. Apart from the comfort, the Suzuki ciaz on-road price is from Rs 8.9 lakhs.


The Maruti ciaz 2019 on-road price is starting from Rs 8.9 lakhs. This new Ciaz gas manual is Rs 10 lakh ex-showroom whereas the automated maybe a lakh more. Currently, despite being a little costlier over the previous model, it’s still exclusively cheaper as compared to its rivals so in price term is unbeatable. it’s just about a good example of an honest midsize sedan. affirmative the automated case isn’t the fastest however the Ciaz is not supposed to perform as a sports sedan instead it will the fundamentals which will appeal to the target market. among the automatic and manual, the automated is more selected for its convenience and abundant in potency in the least.

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