How to Connect Smart Light Bulbs to Your Smartphone?

With the recent advances in technology, it is now possible to connect your smart light bulbs to your smart phone. This means that you can control the light bulbs from your phone, and even set them to turn on and off at specific times. If you’re looking to upgrade your home lighting and want to be able to control it from your phone, then read on to find out how to connect smart light bulbs to your smart phone.

Choose the right smart light bulbs:

Not all smart light bulbs are created equal. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the right bulbs for your needs. First, consider what type of bulb you need. There are LED, incandescent, and CFL options. LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient, but they can be more expensive.

Download a smart home app:

Once you’ve got the right bulbs, you’ll need to download a smart home app. This is what you’ll use to control the bulbs from your phone. There are a number of different apps available, so take some time to research which one will work best for you.

Pair the bulbs with your app:

Once you’ve got the app downloaded, you’ll need to pair the bulbs with it. This is usually done by screwing the bulb into a socket and then following the on-screen instructions in the app.

Set up your account:

Once the bulbs are paired with the app, you’ll need to set up your account.  To do this, open the app and tap on the gear icon in the top right corner. This will take you to the settings page. 

Connect the bulbs to your Wi-Fi:

In order to control the bulbs from your phone, you’ll need to connect them to your Wi-Fi network.  It is usually pretty straightforward to do, and you can usually find instructions in the app.

Choose a lighting schedule:

One of the great things about smart light bulbs is that you can set them to turn on and off at specific times. It can be really handy if you want the lights to turn on when you get home from work, for example.

Add additional features:

Some smart light bulbs come with additional features, such as the ability to change the colour of the light. If this is something that interests you, then be sure to look for bulbs that offer this feature.

Control the bulbs from your phone:

Once you’ve got everything set up, you’ll be able to control the bulbs from your phone. This means that you can turn them on and off, change the brightness, and even set a schedule.


We hope this guide will help you to get your house smarter with the help of smart devices. It is very easy to establish a smart home but it is very difficult to maintain it. Follow the above steps carefully; it will help you to provide the best and smart home for your family.