OEI vs FRD dream 11 team predictions: Who will win? know now

There is a movement which has been going on in the world of cricket in the Europe. For much of the history of this world we live in we have seen Europe being away from cricket. Apart from England and a few other countries who play as associate nations like Ireland, Scotland, and Netherlands playing a few games here and there. But now particularly after the dream 11 team prediction and other fantasy apps have started, there is significant interest in European cricket. Most of these games that are being played now are T10 games and the European cricket associations have done quite a lot in the recent past to promote the game in the European nations. These games are often telecast on the Fancode app and there is a lot of viewership as it captures attention of those who are betting on these games through the fantasy apps.

The action has taken place in various countries like Italy, Austria and other countries and now shifted to Portugal. The boundaries are often short and the run scoring is incessant. The game that took place between Oeiras and Friendship CC was a testament to that. The 10 over game saw the Friendship CC team score 140 runs in the first innings. This game saw some amazing performances with Mohammed Asad and Md Nazrul Islam. The former scored 49 of 25 and got his team off to a brilliant start. At a strike rate of 196, it was a great tone to set for the rest of the innings. Islam then outscored Asad as he scored 62 of 23 scoring 7 fours and 4 sixes at a strike rate of 269.25. This was never going to be a good situation for the bowlers and they went all over the park. The two wickets that fell were picked by Krut Patel who however went for 32 runs in his 2 overs. Shayyadur Rahman and Kuldeep Ghoiya suffered too as they conceded 22 and 20 of their solitary overs. Too much to give away and too much to chase.

If we read 117 in isolation as a total in 10 overs, it sounds good but when you are chasing 14 runs per over from the word go, there is actually very little that can be done apart from keeping shape and slogging. That is what Oeiras did. But in that quest, they lost early wickets which cost them later on. Some really sluggish innings and good bowling saw them never actually get off the mark. The key in the bowling was Mohammed Asad who established himself as an all-rounder with a 2-wicket spell in 2 overs conceding 12 runs only. This must not however overshadow the performance of Imtiaz Rana who did not pick up a wicket but bowled a frugal spell of 13 runs in his 2 overs. Ranjit Narayan however offered some real resistance. This resistance saw 47 of 21 with 4 sixes and 3 fours. He scored at a strike rate of 223. Jiteshkumar Balkrishna also contributed with 36 of 26. This however was not the best knock as the strike rate was less.

Things are certainly on the upward curve though for the European cricket nations as the different countries now have some recognizable faces for them who they would now bet on with the Fantasy cricket apps being the norm now. This is going to be a revolution that the world is going to be looking forward to now. Will it live up to the hype? Wait and watch

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