Penetration Protection Of Safety Shoes

The penetration protection of a safety shoe from safety shoe shop (จำหน่าย รองเท้า เซฟตี้ which is the term in Thai) protects the wearer from the risk of getting injured when stepping on a nail or other sharp object. These penetration-resistant insoles are used for safety shoes of classes S1P, S3, and S5 and occupational shoes of class O3.

There are two types of penetration-resistant inserts: metallic and non-metallic. Find out everything about the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials used in penetration protection for safety shoes.

How Are Penetration-Resistant Insoles Tested?

The insoles must be tested to be used in safety and occupational shoes following EN ISO 20345 or EN ISO 20347. The penetration resistance is tested with a blunt test nail with a diameter of 4.5 mm. This is pressed onto the insert with a force of 1,100 Newtons. 1,100 Newtons correspond to the equivalent of approx. 110 kg of static load. This force can easily be achieved by a person who only weighs approx. 80 kg by simple walking movements or jumping down from an elevation. This weight range also includes clothing and tools.

As you can see, you shouldn’t blindly rely on penetration protection, but always pay attention to what is on the ground in front of you. Even if the protection protects you from a nail, a hole is created in the outsole and midsole. Moisture can then penetrate the inside of the shoe through this hole. Especially with shoes with a membrane such as GORE-TEX®, you should therefore be careful not to step unnecessarily on pointed or sharp objects. Generally speaking, non-metallic inserts are not designed for hard work. In contrast, they feel very comfortable in industrial halls or workshops.

Non-metallic insoles are also often found when working with authorities, as the shoes have to be very flexible for such activities. For work in the construction industry or, for example, scrap recycling, you should use the tried and tested steel protection, as this is much more suitable for hard work. Search for what is safety shoes (รองเท้า นิรภัย คือ which is the term in Thai)