Penis Health: Diet Makes a Difference

When a man thinks about penis health, most often he is going to be drawn to thoughts that are obviously linked to appropriate penis care, such as using condoms while having sex or using kegel exercises to strengthen certain functions of the tool. Diet is not necessarily at the forefront of a man’s mind when thinking about penis health, yet the fact is that what a man eats has a significant effect on the wellbeing of his tool.

This makes perfect sense when one thinks about it: Diet plays a crucial role in overall health and in the proper functioning of body components such as the skin that are important to penis health as well.

With that in mind, a man needs to take into consideration what foods can be proponents of penis health while thinking about his overall diet. The following tips are intended to help men make penis-conscious decisions when sorting through eating options.

– Bananas. It’s not just because the banana so resembles an erect penis that this fruit is recommended for men. No, the reason is that bananas are an excellent source of potassium, and potassium can play a role in maintaining good heart health and improving blood circulation. Since blood flow is crucial to penis health, men need to make bananas or other sources of potassium a part of their daily diet.

– Onions. The vegetable may cause breath issues, but it also boasts allicin, which helps keep the blood thin – and that also improves blood circulation. Chewing parsley or taking an extra swig of mouthwash can help defuse the aromatic breath issue.

– Green leafy vegetables. Spinach, kale, chard and their brethren are excellent sources of nitrates – and, like allicin and potassium, nitrates are partners in keeping the blood flowing. And again, the penis likes to have good blood flow, especially when an erection is called for.

– Honey. The body and the penis need a range of vitamins, including the B vitamins, which play a role in the production of testosterone. Honey is a good source of B vitamins, and its sweetness makes it a tasty way to get that little testosterone boost. Whether taking a spoonful every day straight up or adding it to tea or foods in place of sugar, honey can be a rich addition to penis health.

– Eggs. Like honey, eggs are a good source of B vitamins, especially B5 and B6.

– Cherries. Artery walls need to remain free and clear, and eating cherries may be one way to keep them clear – in the area near the penis and throughout the body. Cherries contain chemicals that help cleanse the artery walls of potentially clogging plaque.

– Chilies. Chili peppers are hot stuff – and they help make a guy’s penis hot stuff as well. That’s because they contain capsaicin, which is a powerful stimulant that goes to work on the rod. As an added bonus, a man can get some extra vitamin C from chilies, and that helps with collagen production in the penis.

– Avocados. Avocados are a significant energy booster, thanks to the fat they contain – but they also help with cholesterol issues that can interfere with blood flow.

– Watermelon. Watermelons are rich in citrulline, which is associated with improved functioning of the smooth penile muscles. Smooth penis muscles are an important component of proper erectile function.

Diet can play a major role in penis health, but other steps are also necessary. Use of a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), for example, is also advised. This is especially true when the crème contains acetyl L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient that can help address peripheral nerve damage issues in the penis. For men with penis de-sensitization, this is key. Also welcome in a crème is alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant that helps offset harmful oxidative processes in cell mitochondrial metabolism of the penile cells. Together with a healthy diet, a superior crème can significantly contribute to penile health maintenance.

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