Preventative Actions That Can Save Your Drains and Money

We all end up in a situation where we have clogged drains and we don’t know what to do or who to call. Clogged drains can make it difficult to use the sink or shower and these are things that we use every day. In the worst scenario, a clogged drain can lead to mould growth inside of your pipes, burst pipes, or water damage. It can be expensive trying to repair a clogged drain but there are ways you can prevent these clogs from even occurring.

Getting A Hair Catcher & Avoiding Grease

Hair is one of the biggest causes of clogged drains because when your hair gets into the drain it blocks the drainage pipes. Hair also acts as a structure for other debris to get stuck too such as lint and oil. Hair can be very difficult to remove from the drain whether you are using drain snakes or commercial drain cleaners to remove it.

Sometimes these techniques don’t work and the only way to fix this is to take apart the drainage system. Investing in a hair catcher can prevent all these things from happening and they are very affordable too. A hair catcher prevents hair from going down the drain and you just need to clean it out a few times a week to save yourself time and money from fixing a bigger problem. Another big threat to your drain is grease and oil once it cools down.

Once it cools, it causes the pipes to harden ad this will narrow the passages inside the pipes and make it difficult for water to pass through. You can avoid this by creating a grease jar where you can discard oils after you finish cooking and avoid clogging up the sink. Before washing your pans, you can also use a paper towel to remove any oil or grease that may be left on the pans.

Using A Lint Mesh

Lint can clog up drains just as bad as hair does and this can make it difficult for water to pass through. Putting a lint mesh trap over the washing machine discharge hose can prevent issues with your drain. You should clean out the lint traps on a weekly basis to keep the water flowing from the washing machine and prevent clogs.

Professional Help

A professional plumber can inspect your drain by using a camera which will let them identify the reason for the blockage. They will let you know that the Intrusion of tree roots into the pipeline is what may be causing your drain to be clogged up. A professional will use special tools such as pipe wrenches and Basin to remove clogs without causing damage to your drain.

Hydro-jetting may also be used if the clog is caused by build-up in the drain pipe. This also helps to prevent damage to your pipe while it is being cleaned. Chemicals can be ineffective when trying to unclog your drain and may even cause harm to drainage pipelines.

It is best to hire a professional who can get the job done efficiently and guide you on how to prevent these clogs from happening in the first place. With a professional, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly and your problem will be solved. If you need assistance with your blocked drain visit website to get the best professionals at your service.

Blocked drains do not have to be an issue in your household anymore. You can find a trained professional from the website mentioned above to fix your issue and you can take preventative measures so that you can avoid your drain from being clogged ever again.

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