Signs You Have Venous Disease and Need Treatment

The Society for Vascular Medicine indicates that over 25 million Americans struggle with vein issues, only 10 percent seeking treatment. Also, studies show that nearly 20% of adults at some point in their lives experience varicose veins. You may discover that you have a vein problem when the condition has advanced. Thus, always be on the lookout for potential signs and consult your vein specialist Yonkers from time to time to enable early detection of the disease.

Below are indications that you may have the venous disease and need treatment immediately.

Legs feeling weak

Generally, it is expected that your legs will feel numb, exhausted, and weak, notably if you spend a long time standing or walking. However, if the weakening and the heaviness you feel in your legs seems unusual, that may indicate you have a vein issue like varicose veins. Therefore, you need to visit a vein specialist.

You can temporarily relieve the weakness and numbness of your legs by elevating them.

Skin issues

Different skin conditions such as irritation, itchiness, or dryness around the ankle and the legs may signify the presence of vein disease. The skin problems show that your damaged or broken veins are dealing with abnormal blood pressure.

Since the veins are not usually working, your skin suffers as there is no adequate flow of blood to your heart and the rest of the body.

Because you cannot feel the effect of scratching your skin in your veins, it may not be possible to relieve the itching feeling. Hence, you may be left frustrated unless you book a session with an experienced vein specialist.


Pregnancy often causes your circulatory system to strain since it increases the quantity of blood in the body that is necessary for supporting fetal development. But, the availability of extra blood causes enlargement of the veins, which, together with the pressure exerted by the growing womb, may cause varicose veins.

If you struggled with vein disease during your previous pregnancy, then expect to deal with an even worse situation. Consulting with a vein specialist ahead of time may help safeguard your veins from too much damage when pregnant.

Legs swelling

One common reason you may need a vein specialist is that you have varicose veins, making your legs swell.

If the swelling happens to just one of your legs and by the time you wake up, the issue is not there; you may be dealing with chronic venous insufficiency. That means the valves in your leg veins are not adequately functioning, allowing blood not to flow to your heart and flow backward. As a result, a pool of blood collects in your legs.

A leg tumor or lump

Different issues can also cause a growth in your leg/s. However, if the leg lump is succulent, you may be experiencing clotting of blood in your venous system. When you visit a specialist, it will be possible to know the underlying cause of the venous disease and the proper treatment.

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