Tesla is one of the very famous car companies

Every car lover must know about Tesla  (TSLA stock) and it’s cars. Today in this article we will talk about Tsla cars in India.


Tesla is one of the very famous car companies. This is mainly known as the car company which produces electric cars. This Tesla company was founded in the year 2003. Later on, Elon musk also got connected with this company. Now he is the CEO of this company. This company has launched many car models so far like Model S, Model X, Model 3 etc. All of these models made a new history for tesla. All these cars can cover a great distance with one single charge. This is the main USP of these cars. 

Tesla cars in India

So far the car from this company is the dream of many countries. India is also one of those countries that look for the entry of Tesla cars in the country. For this reason, the Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi visited the office of Tesla in 2015. On that visit, he was offered the chance to visit the car manufacturing factory also. During his visit, he offered Elon Musk to establish one new car factory for Tesla in India. At that time Musk could not confirm whether he would do that or not. Later on, one more minister went there and met with Musk and still, there was no clarity on what would be there on the matter of Tesla’s entry in India. 

The reasons for the unavailability of Tesla cars in India

Though India tried a lot, Musk could not say yes at that time for the entry of Tesla cars in India. One of the main hindrances behind that was the cost of the car. According to the report, from Indian government’s side this was the condition kept before him that when a car will be sold out of India, the charges would just double. The other condition was to buy at least 40% of raw materials for making cars from India only. Other than this there was one more condition and according to that Tesla alone cannot stand its business in India. For doing so, it will have to come off with any leading company in India. These conditions were not acceptable by Musk as according to him if he entered India under so many terms and conditions, the company may face a great loss. 

Now the good news is that even after this all, Tesla may enter the Indian Economy. Let’s wait for that day and hope that day will come very soon. Before investing, you can check its cash flow at https://www.webull.com/cash-flow/nasdaq-tsla.