Dos and don’ts for when you decide to paint the town red

            We all sometimes need a break from everyday things. Whether it’s an exhausting week at work, the end of a semester, or a stressful job interview, the nightlife is something that can always ease us for a couple of hours. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when visiting nightclub in Melbourne.

            First and foremost: don’t be a jerk.

No one likes cocky people who tend to assert dominance. You’re either going to get slapped (if the bouncer lets you in) or beaten up. There’s a certain hierarchy in nightclubs, and if you’re just a visitor, you’re at the bottom of the food chain.

            Tip your bartender.

It’s common courtesy. You’re there to have a good time, and good bartenders are all about making that happen. Don’t be rude to people who serve you, especially if the nightclub is crowded. Have patience, but don’t be too passive, because then you’ll never get your drink. It also helps if you can get the bartender’s name since there’s a higher chance he/she will notice you in the crowd.

            Don’t push people around, get in their face, or argue.

I know, it’s crowded. But you don’t have to mean about it. If you’re not pleased with that bar, find another one. There’s surely one that’s less crowded where you and your friends could enjoy your time more.

            If she’s not interested, then she’s not interested.

This is where a lot of problems come to the surface. You’ve had one too many drinks, and now every girl looks pretty or reminds you of that ex, but don’t be that guy. Shoot your shot, send her a drink, but if she doesn’t respond, move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

            Keep all your things and friends close.

It’s easy to lose anything and anyone in big crowds. If you came with a couple of friends, try to stick with them and try to keep an eye on your possessions at all times. Crowded bars are the perfect place for pickpockets to get their weekly payment in one night. Also, keep an eye on the drinks, so you or one of your friends doesn’t get drugged.

            Don’t drive while drunk.

If you drove a car to a nightclub Melbourne thinking you won’t be drinking, but you did it anyway, don’t drive back home. If any of your friends are sober, ask if they can take you, and if they can’t, call an uber. You can get the car tomorrow morning, but you won’t be able to if you cause a car crash. Be responsible and aware of yourself, the people around you, and your surroundings at all times.

            Know when to stop.

If it’s a Sunday, you have an important meeting tomorrow, or you notice you’re getting out of hand, you might want to take it slow. It’s easy to lose track of time and shots when we have a good time, but it’s a great quality to know your boundaries.