The Importance Of Tennis Bets

Although the British culture of the game still gives greater visibility to horse racing and football at any venue or website, tennis is one of the most undervalued sports in terms of potential bets free bets and earnings. The more prolific a game is, the greater the range of prices that are usually available at bookmakers and, given that there are tennis matches for most of the year, there possibilities of getting good profits quickly if you play cunningly.

As far as tennis is concerned, the period between May and September is especially busy and, contrary to what happens with football, tennis has a wider range of markets to choose from.

Types Of Markets

1X2: The winner of the match

More / Less: In tennis, this market can refer to whether a match will last more or less than a specific number of sets. For example, if a player wins a game at the best of three sets without losing any set (2-0), the bet at less than 2.5 sets would be the winner.

 Handicap: Same as in 1X2, but now the tennis player in question must win by two sets or more of margin, depending on the handicap assigned to him. The odds for each player are higher, so this market is attractive when the players are matched and most likely both win some set.

Correct Marker: As a general rule, the more sets appear on a correct marker, the higher the quotas. For example, betting that a player will win a match to the best of five sets by 3-2 usually offers a price much higher than 3-0 (consecutive sets). However, the price difference between a victory with consecutive sets and one without consecutive sets is less drastic when the players are matched.

Final winner: It does not appear in the regular games, it is the price per tennis player to the winner of the tournament.

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