The SG Citizenship Application: What are the Challenges You Will Face?

Several people dream of leaving their home country for many reasons. It may be because they want to have the freedom to live independently, or because they want to excel in their academics. Whatever the reason, the road to becoming a new citizen of another country is full of obstacles. 

Plenty of people would think that, if they encounter a challenge in the way of their goals, it is the universe telling them that they should no longer pursue what is at the end of the road. Hopefully, you are not one of those people. They say that life is, indeed, fair because it is unfair for everyone. It is a positive view of life if you think about it. You might be thinking that some have it better than others because they have the advantages of having a successful Singapore citizenship application. Well, you must know that they have faced hardships along the way too, they are only good at not showing it. 

Every person you know who has successfully managed to become an SG citizen has faced challenges, so why should not you? While you are thinking that life is unfair, you must know what you should do to make it through, pave the road, and ensure that you get to that end of the road no matter how difficult it gets!

Why Do People Want to Live in Singapore?

Well-known for its diversity and futuristic architecture, Singapore is a popular country for people who want to have a big change in their life. If you are curious about the common reasons why several people choose to live in Singapore, you can read them below!

Prosperous economy

Even when you do not know what an improved economy can do for citizens, you would feel it in Singapore because they have a prosperous economy. What it means for citizens is that they would have higher than average incomes, they can consume more goods and services, and they generally enjoy living in the country better. 

The mental peace

Does your country belong to the top list of most stressed citizens in the world? If so, you would want to get out of there if you want to have a long life. The peace of mind you would have when you live in Singapore is enjoyable. Being one of the safest countries across the world, you can live and work without worrying about external factors that could get in the way of your mental health!

High standards of education

Education is highly valued in Singapore, and it will show in their applauded curriculum and overall school system. They encourage project work and creative thinking, thus equipping students with problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge of specific subjects. If you are an aspiring arts and humanities student who wants to flourish in your craft of playing classical instruments or writing, you can spread your wings in the country!

Aside from these, you can also explore a wide range of cultures, due to several communities of expats, and the delicious food! Include the effective transport facilities, beneficial tax relief programmes, and the opportunities for career advancement, it would surely give you a good life!

What are the Challenges of Becoming an SG Citizen?

Moving forward to the obstacles that will get in the way of your dreams to becoming an SG citizen, you must know how to prepare yourself to overcome them. Aside from being positive, you must also look at your application situation realistically. What you will read below are the challenges you will face as you embark on your journey to becoming a Singapore citizen!

Become a permanent resident first

Being highly ranked as the most successful countries to live, work, and study in, obtaining a pass to live in the country is, of course, a rigorous process. Permanent Resident (PR) is an immigration status in Singapore that allows you to have a range of personal and professional subsidies. More than that, it is the first step towards becoming an SG citizen. However, not many get the chance to acquire this status.

Solution: there are three ways you can do to become a PR, and they are commonly called schemes. You can choose from:

  • Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers scheme (PTS scheme)
  • Global Investor Program scheme (GIP Scheme)
  • Foreign Artistic Talent scheme (ForArts)

These have specific eligibility criteria that may apply to you. If so, choosing the most applicable scheme for you would give you higher chances of having a successful PR application!

No bad records 

For obvious reasons of safety and security, a country would not allow a person with bad, criminal records to live within the land. Whether you have been living in Singapore for months or years, you must ensure that you have clean Singapore citizenship application documents!

What you can do: while staying out of trouble would be easy to say, there would be circumstances that you can get involved in even if you do not want to. As a solution, you must try and focus on your work or academic studies only. Ensure that you are friends with kind people and surround yourself with trustworthy people.

Finding volunteering opportunities

There is beauty in giving back to the community, and that is what Singapore promotes among its citizens. Hence, you must not be surprised if your application requires you to have some volunteer experience before you get the chance to be a citizen. The country also has an Enlistment Act wherein they require all male Singaporean citizens and PRs to serve in the National Service. To meet your application requirements, you must start volunteering as soon as you can!

Tips in looking for volunteering opportunities

  • Reach out to friends and family to give you suggestions
  • Check out online forums
  • Personally seek public facilities, such as libraries and museums
  • Read about the journey of bloggers

Perform well in school or work

On one hand, successfully becoming a PR under the PTS scheme means you must maintain your good performance in your industry. On the other hand, the students under the ForArts scheme must keep contributing to the Singapore arts and culture scene. When you are a PR, you must always remember to keep a steady performance in your field. It will give you higher success rates in becoming a citizen!

How to stay on top of your performance: everyone is susceptible to burnout and tiredness. In your application journey, these are bound to happen. However, you can:

  • Go back to the reasons why you dream to become an SG citizen
  • Take a rest day
  • Travel locally so you can take time off work or school

Staying in touch with a relative in Singapore

Your relationship with a family member who is a Singapore citizen would also be evaluated on your application. The country values the social and community support that each citizen needs from each other. ICA shows this by implementing a Familial Ties Lane (FTL) to reunite immediate family members or spouses of any Singapore Citizen (SC) or PR. 

Tips for staying in touch:

  • Call them regularly
  • Set dates for you to meet for lunch or dinner
  • Send them packages that you know they need or love

Have someone guide and help you

No one would want to embark on a life-altering journey alone. Aside from the technical difficulties of organising Singapore citizenship application documents, you would also want to get emotional support to ease your anxieties about achieving your goals. The immigration experts of an immigration consultancy firm would be the ones you can rely on!

How to find an immigration consultancy firm:

  • Ask a family member or a friend who had experience working with one
  • Post in an online forum website
  • Read about the suggestions of bloggers
  • Search the internet

What Should You Look for in an Immigration Consultancy?

You only get to meet some people once in your life and, most of the time, they are the ones who would contribute a significant change in how your life is going to go. What if you discover that that one person would be a consultant for an immigration process firm? They are the people who you should seek when it comes to matters like this. If you want to be recognised as a member of the Singapore society and population, in paper and your heart, you would want them to have specific traits so that you know you are in the right hands. 

If you are in the search of SG citizenship application assistance, here are the qualities that a reliable consultancy firm will have:

Profound knowledge of the immigration laws and regulations

You would not want to hire a professional Canadian immigration consultant for your Singapore immigration application. You must know that you are working with a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the laws in the country you want to live in. For your case, it would be Singapore. 

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is the border control agency of Singapore. They are responsible for controlling the entry of undesirable persons, parcels or cargo, and conveyances in the land. It is the government body you would be talking with plenty of times during your application process. However, if you do not have the time to meet all they require from an aspiring SG citizen, you can rely on the knowledge of your hired immigration consultant to cover it all for you!

They approach everything with a professional attitude

Several people might say that your immigration consultant will be your best friend during your application process. In some way, they are. However, you would still want to be taken seriously, especially if you are anxious about a bad record you have had or a document that you feel would impact your application. 

These are issues that could affect your chances of success. At this time, you would want to have a friend who would reassure you that your issues are fixable and you want a professional to take action on it. These traits, you must find them in one consultant!

Equipped with communication skills

With its lengthy and almost complicated process, it is wise that you would get overseas relocation services in Singapore. You can expect yourself to be in information overload if you try to figure the application process all by yourself. Well, you can trust an immigration professional equipped with excellent communication skills to help you understand legal connotations and such. They can translate some technical terms and concepts for you to understand them clearly. 

More than that, they must be responsive. There would be crucial moments when you want to know how your application arrangement is going. Of course, you must not forget that your application is a two-way street. Your consultants would want you to be responsive as well. It is your application, anyway, so dedicate some time to contribute to its success!

Do You Want to Live in Singapore as a Citizen? Get Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy as Your Guide!

Not everyone has the chance to become a Singapore citizen no matter how much they want it, but you have. Thus, if you are looking for a smooth process for your Singapore citizenship application, you should seek consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the process. You can trust immigration consultants as your guide to complete your application documents and make your dreams into reality!

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