The Situations When You Will Need Legal Translation Services

Human connection is possible because languages exist. It is a powerful tool that can create ideas, thoughts, feelings, and laws that keep a society civil. Some say that it is an instinct, that when you remove languages, humans will always find a way to communicate even if it will take years to fully understand each other.

In Asia alone, there are around 2,300 languages. The most spoken among them is Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Bengali, and Japanese. Before, it would be hard to imagine someone having the capability to speak and understand more than one language, especially if they have never been exposed to it. However, today, there are legal translation services in Singapore that you can get when you need a document translated into other Asian languages!

Technology played a big role in making this possible. Many businesses and individuals have found these services to be helpful whenever they are in a situation where there is a language barrier. You must have been put in those situations as well. Hence, you should know why you always need to have accurate translations!


Why is Accurate Translation Important?

The translation process is delicate. One mistake can lead to many embarrassing misunderstandings. Corporations, governments, and especially travellers have all been guilty of a mistake in translation, and sometimes it has cost them their credibility. All because they did not know what an accurate financial reports translation can do for them.

Aside from the possibility of being in an embarrassing situation, why should you always aim for an accurate translation of documents and marketing campaigns?


Save a life

When travellers get hospitalised abroad, their lives are at risk if they cannot communicate their medical allergies to the present doctors. It is, indeed, a life or death situation. One translation mistake can put them in a grave. Hence, there are medical translation services in Singapore that can save their lives.

These translators are equipped with knowledge on medical terminology of both languages and, therefore, can communicate what needs to be done. In tragic situations when a family member of a deceased patient wants to escalate their case to the court, a legal translator must be present to get justice.

Maintain high business reputation

Legal translation in business environments can cause a risk to the company’s reputation. With many transactions that involve paperwork, one financial reports translation service can ensure that no document will be mistranslated.

It is part of every contract to have a legal translation. In many sensitive situations, translation errors can lead to loss of time and money. Not only will it cause a loss of opportunity to expand in foreign countries, but it could also cause the loss of respect to other networking opportunities that may come their way.

Put a criminal in jail

The consequences of erroneous translations are severe in courtrooms. A mistake in translating a legal document can lead an innocent person to jail. Hence, legal translation services in Singapore criminal trials are a must!

These translators will help in delivering the right word that will have a direct effect on a jury’s perception of the defendant’s character. In language, truths should never be compromised. The meaning should remain, even if it will take another person to deliver it.

As you have read, the consequences of translation errors can be life-altering. One word can lead to the downfall of a business or even life lost. In every person’s life, they will be put in a situation where they need a translator. Whether it is for medical needs or financial reports, you need a translation service.


The Situations When You Need Professional Translation Services

Every day, hundreds of documents are translated to other languages. They are either done by a translation company that fulfils translation projects daily, or they are done by advanced technologies that use artificial intelligence to do a simple translation. If you are a business owner, you will likely want to have the services of the former. If not, you can get it by using technology.

In essence, what is expressed here is that you will be at a point in your life where you need to get the legal translation services offered by Singapore companies. When, exactly? Here are some situations:


Marketing campaigns

In a business, marketing is an essential part of growing and expanding your reach to target audiences. Strategies for marketing come in many forms. There are articles, social media posts, and videos and subtitles. For these, you should never rely on free translations on the internet. Why? They are often inaccurate.

If you do not want to put your business’ name in jeopardy, only trust legal translation services in Singapore. They will help you deliver the message that you want to say and ensure that you are not coming out as offensive and, essentially, avoid lawsuits.

Legal and court hearings

Translators are wary about legal implications. Mistranslated terms and phrases are highly critical for people in court. Therefore, knowledge of both source and target languages’ legal systems helps produce an accurate translation of legal documents.

In these situations, you cannot rely on a multilingual friend or the internet. You must only hire an unbiased and credible legal translator. Trust that they will deliver a precise translation process that integrates the two languages’ legal instruments and structure!

Medical appointments

Often, medical professionals record reports via an audio or voice recording device. Transcribing them will be a challenge, especially if you do not understand them in the first place. However, you need these in text format. Travellers are usually the ones who need medical translation services when they are in Singapore.

If you ever travel to other countries and get hospitalised, you need to have your files translated in your home language to inform your doctor of what happened. This way, they will know what medications have you received and prescribed while you were in another country.

Disciplinary meetings

Everyone makes mistakes. However, if the cost of these mistakes is drastic to your company’s operations, you will want your employee to be accountable. Disciplinary action may take place. When collating proof that your overseas employee committed an error, you will need a financial reports translation service.

With this, you will identify the mistakes your employee has made and how severe it was to the company’s operations. It will help you and the board come up with appropriate sanctions or, in worse case scenarios, legal punishments. Either way, this service will help find justice for you and your employee.

Press conferences

Certain business issues may get out of hand. What could happen? It goes to national news, and you will have to speak to your stakeholders, business partners, and the public about what has happened. To avoid saying anything that will be held against you when the matter escalates in court, you will need legal translation services from Singapore or other international translation companies.

These people will prevent you from saying things that may get lost in translation or get misinterpreted. To be safe and free from a mob of online users who can tamper your company’s name, trust that they will help you write a translated script that will control the message dispersion.

Among these, there may be other situations where you will need the help of translators. When that day comes, always consider hiring a professional translator among everything else. The price for their services is always worth it if it means keeping your name clean and avoiding hurting people. When it comes to searching for a translation company, you should only hire the best!


Qualities of a Trustworthy Legal Translation Services Provider

If you have ever been put in a situation mentioned above, it is time that you hire a company that provides legal translation services in Singapore. From the get-go, the hiring process is already filled with challenges. One might say it can be tricky. Why? People find it difficult to keep a good eye on certain factors to ensure you are with the right translators.

What are these specific factors and characteristics you must remember when you are looking for a reliable company for a legal translation?


In-depth knowledge of what needs translation

Some pages of a legal document do not require translation. An experienced translator will know which pieces of information in your document needs to be translated or leave just the way it is. For instance, the cover pages, signature pages, address information, among others should be left as is.

What you can do is lay out a budget plan with your hired translator. It will help you confirm which part of the financial reports will need a translation. In this way, you will save more money and quickly acquire the information you need for a business requirement!

Understand the law, not only language

There is more to translating documents into the target language. While having a solid grip on the language, it is also crucial to have a rooted understanding of the law too. Laws vary from country to country, so a translator must know the legal codes of the source and target language.

The goal of translating is effective communication. In medical translation services in Singapore, for example, your service provider must be able to deliver a good translation as if it were the original. It includes the tone and keeping the cultural aspect in mind.

Practice urgency

The translation is a time-consuming process. Most of the time, you need the translated piece as soon as possible. Therefore, you need to ensure the translation company you hire can deliver the task as promised.

Remember that you are spending hundreds of dollars on legal translation services in Singapore. To reduce the cost to meet the deadline, find a company that can offer you a customised price for an urgent translation.

Provide confidentiality

Legal documents consist of sensitive information. If any piece of information found in the document has been leaked, the translation company can be a suspect. A reliable translation company should offer a high confidential translation process for your legal documents. Essentially, they must adhere to a client and service provider non-disclosure agreement.

When getting a service for financial reports translation, make the NDA compulsory. It provides an added layer of security because they know that breaking it would lose their integrity and credibility. More than that, they must make sure to have a secure portal to safely transfer files, such as those platforms that are password protected.

Simplify instruction and concepts

The language of the law is filled with jargon. Translating such jargon into the target language will not automatically be understandable. You need to know the simple definition of the word as well. It is why you should find a translation company that can do that.

If a document consists of tables, graphs, or illustrations that are usually the case for financial reports translation, specify to your translators that you need those translated as well. The mirror image of the graphics may cost you an extra, but it is worth it if the information is vital to the goals of your business.

Translating is not a one-man job. You also need to cooperate with them when you want a clear and concise translation of your important documents. Hence, you should be ready to work with managers, interpreters, proofreaders, among others who have the relevant skills and experience.


Elite Asia: Bridging Cultural and Linguistic Barriers with Multilingual Translation Services

Finding the right translation company is likened to choosing a lifetime partner. When you meet them for the first time, you do not instantly tell them you are ready to commit to them. There is a process of getting to know each other and assessing certain traits that you like about them. It is the same way as choosing legal translation services in Singapore!

Elite Asia is one of the translation companies that is trusted across Asian markets today. They have assisted eCommerce and digital companies with multilingual translation services and advisory services to help them expand their business in new host countries. Trust that their years in the industry reflects on the quality of services that they provide since they have also innovated solutions powered by technology and people!

To know more about their accreditations and specialisations, you can visit their website. When you are ready to get their services, you can leave them a message there as well!

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