Thread Lift Procedure; What to Know

What aesthetic treatments do you know? Most people seek aesthetic techniques to eliminate and minimize the effects of aging. Usually, there are a million techniques to improve your beauty, depending on your beauty concerns, cost, effectiveness, and availability. All aesthetic treatments, though, focus on making your face look better. A Threadlift Rockville Centre specialist David Jacobs, MD, at South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine, uses advanced techniques to reduce the appearance of aging signs. This article explains how a thread lift works.

What is a thread lift?

It is a cosmetic procedure to revitalize your face. Your South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine provider uses polydioxanone threads from biodegradable polyester. Usually, the threads resemble surgical sutures.

Your provider passes the sutures through your facial skin. The threading fastens and lifts your skin, promoting smoothening.

Besides skin tightening and lifting, a thread lift also enhances new tissue production when the needle passes through your skin. It improves skin rejuvenation.

A thread lift procedure restores your youthful appearance by eliminating aging signs that make you appear tired and old. South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine has experts in aesthetic medicine that enhance safe and practical thread lifts outcomes.

 Reasons you should consider a thread lift?

If you are at that point in life where aging signs are nothing but a nuisance, a thread lift procedure can help bring back your glowing, youthful appearance. But you need to have a consultation first with your provider to see if you can benefit from the treatment.

Typically, aging causes your body to produce low amounts of collagen and elastin, promoting the skin’s firmness and fullness of the underlying tissues. As you grow older, you may also notice that your face loses its fat deposits leading to sagging, loose skin, wrinkles, and hollows.

While cosmetic surgery can restore your beauty, it may be expensive, cause scarring, and with an extended recovery period. Nonsurgical treatment might be the ideal way to go. In this case, PDO thread lifts provide you with an affordable option, no downtime, fast, reduced discomfort, and dramatic results.

What does a thread lift procedure involve?

Your provider reviews your health history, checks your health status, and discusses your desired results. After ensuring everything is set, your provider places the threads on your skin and secures them to enhance skin lifting and support.

Usually, after your thread lift procedure, you are free to return to your daily routine, as the treatment has no downtime. The results are visible after the treatment and continue to improve after one month as new collagen develops. The thread lift results last up to 3 years.

Thread lifts have been there from some time back, only that now the materials used are more improved. They provide a good alternative for a facelift procedure. A thread lift is fast, has no downtime, is safe, and offers excellent results. Besides, it’s non-invasive and cost-friendly too.

If you are looking for another option for treating aging signs, a thread lift is the way to go. Contact South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine today to book your consultation, or you can schedule your appointment online.