Water Leaks: The Signs You Should Look Out For

Water Leak: What to Look For

You have learned how damaging it is to have a water leak in your home. However, you might not know what you should be looking for. You will notice a few visible signs on your walls that indicate a wall leakage that needs immediate repair. Knowing what to look for will enable you to act on time and protect your home from further damage more effectively.

The following are the most prominent signs you will see.

Your Walls Started to Look Different

You can easily detect a water leakage happening inside your walls. Walls that are affected by water leaks change in appearance. Your walls may start to discolour. The paint or wallpaper might have begun to warp and change due to its exposure to water or moisture. You might also notice bubbles and tears that formed on the surface of your wall.

If there is warping on your walls, it is a clear indication of a water leak. Sheetrock also bends and curves when exposed to too much water. Excessive warping can lead to structural damage that is very expensive to repair.

There Might Be Puddles of Water Nearby

Your walls will not be the only thing that is affected by water leakage. Shift your attention to the floor, too. Puddles of water tend to form near the location of the leak. The carpeting you laid might need to be pulled up for you to get a better look at where the puddles might be forming.

Water Dripping Noises Coming From Somewhere

You might find yourself disturbed by dripping sounds that have no origin. It might be driven crazy by all the checking and re-checking that bore no results. However, you might not have been looking at the right places. The dripping sound might be coming from a leak inside your walls. Water might already be squeezing out of your pipes through your walls.

Ceilings or Floors that are Stained or Buckled

You may also see warping on your floors, especially if it is made of hardwood. The sheetrock absorbing too much water or moisture can also affect connected ceilings and floors. If you see stains and buckling on your floor or ceiling, immediately check your walls for signs of water leakage and immediately call for repair.

Odours You that You Have Never Smelled in Your House

Mould and mildew might have already started growing in your walls due to the water leakage you have been experiencing. They make their presence known by changing the appearance of your wall and the release of a distinct odour. It releases a musty smell that is hard to miss.

Your Utility Bills are Unusually High

You might have already noticed that your utility bills may have become more expensive. Leaking means water is perennially wasted if not immediately tended to. It also requires more energy to maintain your home’s comfortable atmosphere.

Detecting Water Leaks in Your Home

It is one thing to look for signs that may indicate water leakage. Pinpointing the reason behind a leak is also crucial, which is a different matter altogether. It might be a challenge to find the cause and prove that there is a leak. Here are some tips that can make your quest to find the source of the leak easier.

Determine the Nature of the Leak Through a Test

Some leaks happen by the entryways that lead into your homes. The source might be from an overloaded gutter and downspouts. Your roof might also have sustained holes from all the years of being exposed to changing weather. For this, you might need to call a metal roof waterproofing expert to take a look and assess your Singapore home’s condition.

There might also be a buried underground pipe that broke. However, the leak most likely is coming from inside your home.

One simple test you can perform is by turning off all water sources inside your house. Take note of the numbers initially displayed on your water meter, then leave it for three hours. If the numbers have changed, there might be a problem with your indoor plumbing system.

Gadgets are Great Help

You might not be able to pinpoint the origin of a leak right away after knowing the nature of the leak. Some gadgets are used to get a better idea of the location of the water leakage you need to repair. You can make use of thermal cameras and moisture meters.

A Portion of Your Wall Might Need to be Removed

It might be the most direct way to look for a leak in your walls. Taking a portion of your wall out and looking behind it is the most efficient way to check for a leak.

However, it does come with some risks. The discolouration you noticed on a portion of your wall might not necessarily mean the leak is directly behind it. Water might be trickling to that spot from a different location. Choosing to do this method also means you are intentionally damaging your walls. You should only turn to this method if the water leak has gotten worse.

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