Medical Translation is Crucial for Clients and Consumers

The Importance of Medical Translation

There is a large amount of sensitive documentation and content generated by the medical industry. Businesses can also find a local translation company they can hire to be relevant in the Singapore market.

Medical documents are analysed intensively to avoid any errors. Preparing all documentation the sector generates in the local language of the writer is already challenging. Translation of said content into other languages is a process that should go beyond word for word translation in the same manner. The medical translation should preserve the meaning of the source text, finding equivalents for the complex terminology the sector uses.

Progress is constantly made in the medical field. New pharmaceutical products or medical devices are released every day. The information for these documents needs to be available internationally. Countries around the world require all documentation and labelling of these products to be understandable by everyone. Medical translation plays a crucial role by converting said information into the language of their target country before it can be presented to the public. Patients can perfectly understand the information on most of the medicines found in pharmacies thanks to medical translation.

It is the main reason medical translation services are sought after by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers in and around Singapore. 

The Special Areas and Disciplines

The medical field encompassed a wide range of interrelated specialist areas and disciplines. Each is as extensive and riddled with challenges as the next. Some of the main areas are:

  • Biochemistry
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Genetics
  • Dentistry
  • Psychiatry
  • Virology
  • Pharmacology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Urologytranslation agency singapore
  • Pathology
  • Immunology

The scope of the term ‘medical’ is vast when you think about all the diverse fields the sector encompasses. It is crucial to translate such materials from any of these branches and put them in the hands of native professional translators, especially if they have experience in the particular area under consideration.

Terminology is Crucial

Medical translation is particular in its language, and slight differences in terminologies can bring another meaning in medicine or the medical practice. Someone new to the medical translation field might grapple with specialist terminologies. However, this is a challenge for all medical translators.

There is no room for guessing since the prospect of misunderstanding information can be devastating for a patient. Medical translators have the right experience to give them the skills to adapt their translations both linguistically and culturally. They have to be familiar with the terminology and its meaning from the source language to provide a precise equivalent in the target language to prevent misunderstanding from arising. However, if a medical term has no equivalent in the target language, the translator must be adept at transliterating.

Abbreviations and acronyms used in medical terminology may also have no direct equivalents in the target language. A translator should be capable of converting these acronyms and abbreviations in a meaningful way without compromising any information. These are some reasons why hiring a local translation company is crucial for businesses with clients in Singapore.

Medical Translation is Useful for These Contents

It is imperative to be meticulous with the terminology when talking about medical translation. Even a minor error can cause confusion that may lead to severe consequences for patients.

Medical translation encompasses a wide range of disciplines like pharmacy, dermatology, dentistry, physiology, genetics, and ophthalmology. Here are some of the contents a translation agency in Singapore might translate.

  • Medical Records
  • Medical Supplies
  • Reports for Insurance
  • Medical Reports
  • Medical Files
  • Clinical Tests
  • Scientific Publications
  • Scientific Research, and
  • Academic Papers

There is a variety of documents that may need to be translated. So much is also at stake, like patient health, documents accepted by overseas authorities, or simply the resulting quality of the texts. All of these files are entrusted to professional specialist translators.

2 Things to be Considered Before Translating

Companies need to consider these two things before they hire a local translation company in Singapore.

Essentials of Translation for the Intended Audience

Every translator acknowledges and understands the significance of adapting language to suit the target audience. It is even more crucial for medical translation services since parts or pieces of documents and texts may be oriented for vastly different audiences.

Some translations are purposefully written to be read by medical professionals that will understand the terminology used. However, there are also articles aimed at the general audience, counting people who are unfamiliar with complex medical terms. Translators and their clients must take into account the people reading the text and adjust the language accordingly.

Localisation is Crucial to Medical Translation

Target culture poses the same challenges to medical translators as any other professional translators. They should consider adjustments that are needed to be composed in their translations for the target culture. However, localisation has a more significant role in medical translation, especially when imperial and metric systems are involved. There are only a few other countries that use imperial units. Confusion can reign if patients and medical workers need to mentally convert these units every time.

Cultural nuances are also critical when official designations are used since some have a higher regard for medical professionals. In contrast, other cultures may be more relaxed in their perception of the same profession. Savvy medical translators with an in-depth grounding in the two target cultures can adjust the terms and languages used to address the personnel involved.

Final Thoughts

Since Elite Asia’s establishment in 2006, they have evolved into a regional powerhouse. They help businesses navigate effortlessly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. Although headquartered in Singapore, Elite Asia has offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan.

They serve multinational companies and regional firms through their innovative language services and solutions. Elite Asia specialises in various fields like medical, banking & finance, legal, etc. and offers competent transcription and translation services for clients in and outside Singapore. They also give local website translation services to potential clients in Singapore and all over Asia.

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