Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker In Singapore

Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker In Singapore

White multi-tiered cakes are a staple in every wedding ceremony. For some, it is a sacred element. The wedding cake you ordered from an online cake shop is a part of the decades-old practice. Have you ever wondered why the groom and bride slice their wedding cake together using one knife?

According to ancient Roman and Greek tradition, wedding cakes symbolise fertility and prosperity.

On the other hand, the iconic cutting of the cake means the loss of the bride’s virginity.

But why do the groom and bride feed each other with bites of cake? Some couples poke fun at each other by feeding a mouthful of cake, but the act signifies the couple’s commitment to each other.

Generally, couples can forgo the idea of having a cake at their wedding; however, some never dare to miss it. And if you belong to the latter group of people, you want your wedding cake to be extra special. It is essential to find a reputablepatisserie in Singaporethat’ll give you your extraordinary cake for your blissful wedding.

One way to find out if you have the right online cake shop or patisserie in Singapore is by asking these tough and vital questions.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Baker


Before digging into their cake selection, couples need to find a reputable online cake shopor patisserie in Singapore in the first place. Here are the vital questions you should ask your cake shop.

How long have you been in the business?

Believe it or not, not all cake shops can cater to wedding cakes, especially intricately designed multi-tiered wedding cakes. Most commercial cake shops can accommodate simpler cakes, like a birthday and wedding anniversary cake. These cake shops even have same day cake delivery in Singapore because they have readily made cakes.

But if you want a personalised wedding cake, it is ideal to find a reputable patisserie in Singaporethat can cater to your needs. Ask your patisserie about their cake specialities. How long have they been making wedding cakes? How many couples have they served? You can also check the cake shop’s reviews and feedback from previous customers.

If they are veteran wedding cake makers, then you have nothing to worry about.

Do you have the experts in the kitchen?

Cakeshop chains make cakes batch by batch using machines. It erases the authenticity and the uniqueness of the cake.

However, some cake shops in Singapore have experts in their kitchens. Most of them are certified, professional bakers and pastry chefs.

Choosing anonline cake shopthat has the right people guarantees high-qualitywedding anniversary cake in Singapore. Professional bakers and pastry chefs are more accommodating when it comes to requests and personalisation. They can also give you a wide variety of options when it comes to flavour and designs.

Lastly, your cake is more authentic as expert hands baked and designed it.

How are your wedding cakes priced?

Cakes’ prices vary depending on the ingredients, number of servings, and the labour of the baker, pastry chef, and cake designer. When it comes to labour, some professional bakers and pastry chefs and designers charge an hourly rate.

Nevertheless, expect the price of your customised wedding cake and wedding anniversary cake in Singapore to be much higher than regular grocery cakes.

You can ask your patisserie in Singapore for the breakdown of their cake pricing.

Are you available on my wedding date?

Cake shops can only handle a few customised cakes per day. Unfortunately, apart from their regular cakes available for their same day cake delivery service in Singapore, they also make a personalised birthday cake and wedding anniversary cake in Singapore. Bigger patisseries can handle ten personalised cakes or more, but the story is different for a smaller online cake shop.

So before placing an order, make sure that they can accommodate and deliver your cake on your wedding date. The last thing you want is no cake at your wedding reception.

Do you have delivery services?

Some cake shops deliver their cakes by their means, while others hire third-party logistics. Some patisseries also offer cake pick-ups.

You can ponder several factors when arranging your delivery process. Firstly, you must consider the reception area. It is much better if your chosen patisserie is already familiar with your reception venue.

Secondly, it is ideal for your cake shop to deliver the cake at least hours earlier before the reception service itself.

Lastly, your patisserie in Singaporemust have access to the reception venue’s kitchen for final touch up and refrigeration while the cake awaits.

Delivery charges depend on the delivery service.


Do you customise wedding cakes?

A patisserie in Singapore may provide you with their wedding cake portfolio. You can have your wedding cake choices from their portfolio. Apart from cake portfolios, cake shops also have customisation services.

You can ask your cake shop for this service. If they have it, you can proceed to discuss the motif of the wedding, the cake size, number of tiers, flavour, design, and other elements.

Your cake designer may give you a rough draft of your cake design and wait for alterations and approval.

When are they going to make the cake?

Once you have finalised the details of your wedding cake, such as the flavour, frosting, size, and design, you can ask when they are going to make the cake.

It may take a couple of days or longer for the bakers to finish an intricately designed multi-tier cake before the wedding date. The freshness of your cake matters and the closer to your wedding date the cake is made, the better.

Nevertheless, your online cake shop guarantees the lead time will not affect the taste and quality of your cake.


We all want a special cake for the special day. You can achieve it by finding a reputable patisserie in Singapore.

Interview your cake shop candidates thoroughly by asking these vital questions.

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