Common Mercedes Benz Transmission Problems And How To Deal With Them

Any kind of car trouble is frustrating and tiresome for all car owners. No matter how good of a DIY car mechanic you are, dealing with Mercedes Benz transmission issues is best left to the hands of trained experts. However, just because the repairs should be professionally done doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to identify the possible source of the issue.

Here are the most common transmission problems encountered by Mercedes Benz owners and the possible solutions:

1 – Clunking Noise

The moment a car starts to make odd and strange noises, it is always a cause for concern. As for a Mercedes Benz, clunking noises are indicative of the wearing down of the mechanical parts of the transmission.

Once these mechanical parts have seen their fair share of wear and tear it is in your best interest to start searching for a mercedes 722.6 transmission for sale as a replacement. Never drive a vehicle that continues to create strange sounds as it can put you at risk of an accident while driving.

2 – Rough Or Hard Shifting

MB transmissions are carefully designed to ensure smooth shifting, this is one of the brand’s biggest allures to drivers all over the world. When the time comes that shifting becomes rough or hard, there is a transmission problem worth looking into.

Some possible causes of the issue shift cable or clutch linkage damage or low levels of hydraulic fluid. This is best diagnosed by a licensed mechanic at once. With prompt and correct identification this transmission issue can be resolved with very little effort.

3 – Frequent Overheating

The smell created by an overheating hydraulic fluid is very strong and also dangerous. This is an indication that the transmission is reaching unsafe temperature levels and should no longer be operated. Usually, the problem can be fixed by adding more hydraulic liquid, but in some serious cases, a technician’s expertise might be required.

There is no reason to continue driving a car that is producing a noxious odor. Once you notice the smell, pull over and check the vehicle’s hydraulic liquid levels. If the smell persists even after adding liquid, get the car checked right away.

4 – Slipping Transmission

This is a very serious transmission issue that may require searching for a Mercedes 722.6 Transmission for sale as a replacement. Transmission slipping can result in the sudden loss of acceleration and power while in the middle of traffic. Failing to remedy the issue right away can lead to roadside accidents.

When it comes to more serious issues such as a slipping transmission, this cannot be fixed through DIY repairs. An expert must check the state of the transmission to determine the root cause of the problem.

Regular Transmission Checks

All transmission issues should be seen as serious car problems that need immediate repairs. Ignoring these common problems will only lead to bigger issues in the near future that can put you and others in danger. Get your Mercedes Benz transmissions checked regularly and avoid these common issues.

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