The 5 Breast Reconstruction Facts You Should Know

If you are a candidate for mastectomy, there is no need to worry about your appearance after losing one or both breasts. You can work with the best East Windsor, NJ breast reconstructive surgeon to rebuild your breast. The process can be complex, but your provider should take you through the entire process to understand what you can expect to make informed decisions. Besides, many myths exist about the treatment, and only the experts can help you understand better. Here are some well-researched facts to enlighten you further about breast reconstruction.

You Have Several Options for Breast Reconstruction

Please note that breast reconstruction is not a one-size-fits-all treatment procedure. You have more than one way to reconstruct your breast after a mastectomy. Implant-based reconstruction is the most common form of reconstruction, but you can also benefit from flap surgery. While implant-based reconstruction involves placing a tissue expander under the chest, flap surgery involves harvesting tissues from other body parts like the buttocks or thighs to reconstruct the breast. Your doctor will put several factors at play to determine which type of reconstruction best suits your needs.

You Will Wait After a Mastectomy

Understand that you will not get breast reconstruction immediately following your mastectomy. The treatment itself is rarely a simple one and involves several steps that need time. You might require several surgeries until you achieve your desired results. But remember that the breast reconstruction journey is unique for every patient. You can either decide to begin your reconstruction process immediately after your mastectomy or wait for several months. But remember, your treatment will account for other factors like ongoing cancer treatment, and it could be good to wait.

Reconstruction Does Not Increase Your Recurrence Risks

Many patients fear breast reconstruction due to the misconception that it increases their risks of cancer recurrence. Research has shown that even having breast reconstruction immediately after a mastectomy does not increase your risks. Although some reconstruction people experience recurrence, it is rarely related to implants or reconstruction processes. However, you must ensure that you work with highly qualified providers for mastectomy and breast reconstruction to lower your chances of complications.

You Might Not Get Perfect Results

Generally, it is not easy to replace something that is not there. It would help if you discussed with your doctor your expectations so that you can have realistic goals when considering breast reconstruction. Your reconstruction efforts may not be exactly like your pre-surgery breasts but will not differ much. Besides, remember that breast reconstruction is not a one-procedure treatment, and you might need several procedures to perfect your breasts over time. Sensations can also differ from your natural breast, but there are chances of gaining full sensations.

Breast Reconstruction Not for Everyone

Although breast reconstruction effectively rebuilds breast cancer patients’ breasts and self-esteem, not everybody can benefit. If you have inflammatory breast cancer, a rare type of breast cancer affecting the skin, it is not advisable to get breast reconstruction immediately after your treatment. Also, you must be in good overall health and with no chronic issues like uncontrolled diabetes to qualify for the treatment.

If you are considering breast reconstruction, it is vital to consult the experts first to understand all the treatment entails. Reach out to Mathew J. Lynch, MD, today for a consultation and be informed to make wise decisions. You can book your appointment online.

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